doing goodI always like Tom Corley’s work and I think this piece, All Self-Made Millionaires Share a Common Trait, is really, really important.

If you seek financial success, what you really need is the optimism that comes from discovering where your inherent skills and your meaningful purpose intersect.

I got ridiculously lucky when I figured out that I am good at both the math of personal finance and understanding the hopes and fears of my fellow humans – especially how those hopes and fears cause them to make predictable personal financial mistakes. Because these skills combine so beautifully with my genuine interest in markets, economics and human nature, I have been able to fashion a career in financial services that has led to my:

  1. Doing Good for Others
  2. Doing Well Financially by Doing Good
  3. Being Happy Doing Well by Doing Good

I get to help people plan and invest for their futures and educate their children to be good stewards of the legacies they want to leave behind. How fantastic is that?

Even better, when I’m invited to retirement parties, college graduations, and weddings, I get to see that I am doing real good in the world. This makes me so happy that it builds an inexhaustible optimism, which fuels me to do even more good in the world.