good linksWe are what we think.
We think about what we read.
There is so much that is unhelpful.
Let’s share some good bits.

What are you reading?

  1. UCLA neuroscientists shed some light on practices that actually work when it comes to increasing happiness in 5 Science-Based Strategies for Boosting Your Happiness.
  2. Bodhipaksa at Wildmind Buddhist Meditation offers us Four cast-iron benefits of mindfulness. If you think better focus, more calm, improved memory, and greater kindness might improve your life and the world… click the link.
  3. Marc Chernoff shares 4 Things We Think We Need Today that Won’t Matter as All in the Long Run.  Do these seemingly important, mostly meaningless things keep us from becoming our best selves?
  4. Carl Jung was a brilliant psychotherapist and knew a thing or two about living life. Here are 38 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Carl Jung shared by Purpose Fairy.
  5. We know that relationships, especially with our partners, are the things that will bring us happiness throughout our entire lives – especially as we age. Let us get better at them! Mark Manson assembles All The Relationship Advice You Will Ever Need. It is a longer than normal read, but worth it.
  6. What is #inequality?  Check out for really amazing graphical views of how families live across the income spectrums around the world.  It is really easy to misunderstand both where we fit in the world AND how much gratitude we should have when we are almost always surrounded by people who are like us – (especially if you are reviewing these images on a computer or tablet).
  7. Thanks to Gary Mishuris of Behavioral Value Investor for The “Mental Game” in Investing. Investing may be the only discipline where “brilliance” doesn’t pay off. Charlie Munger said it best, “A lot of other people are trying to be brilliant and we are just trying to stay rational.”
  8. Morgan Housel is one of the best writers in personal finance… even as he compares our brains to those of pigeons. Read The Thrill of Uncertainty and become a better investor.  The best line is: “This is not Excel and charts. It’s dopamine and cortisol.” So. Very. True.
  9. Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s long time friend and deputy, may be the smartest guy in any room. This is why – He’s an Expert-Generalist.